Best Security Screen Doors for Summer Days

Best Security Screen Doors for Summer Days

Installing a security screen door is a simple home addition that will make a world of difference for your family and your lifestyle. As well as the obvious home protection benefits, security doors have additional features that can enrich your day-to-day life. But with so many suppliers and options on the market, how do you choose your perfect door?

Ah, summer days. Warm weather, lots of time outdoors, new Christmas presents, windows open, doors open… Ugh, mosquitoes and flies inside and oh no… the threat of opportunistic or targeted burglaries.

If you’re looking to install a security screen door soon, now is the optimal time, before the summer season hits. A security door will allow you greater freedom to ventilate your home through the warm summer days and peace of mind during the holiday season. Depending on your priority for your door, there will be a perfect model to suit your home and needs. Jim’s Security Doors has the best and biggest range of security doors in Melbourne so you’re sure to find security screens and doors to suit your home.


First and foremost, a security door will give your household enhanced security against the threat of intruders or burglars. When choosing a security door based on its defensive features, make sure you choose one that has passed the Australian Standard regulations. These regulations test the calibre of safety your security door gives you. The tests are a set of simulated popular intruders’ tactics, including the screen being sheared with a knife and someone’s bodyweight being shoved against it.

The ScreenGuard model is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh with a secure but slimline aluminium frame. They’re created here in Australia and made from quality materials you can rely on. All ScreenGuard doors have a 10-year warranty, so when you purchase one, you’re effectively protecting your household for the next decade. With a sleek, discreet mesh design, ScreenGuard doors are aesthetically pleasing as well as providing your household with the utmost protection against burglars or other attacks.


Allowing the steady flow of fresh air through your home during the summer months will make your entire house feel more open and ventilated. A security door can also enable you to bring more natural sunlight into your home, as well as save on air conditioning costs.

One of the often-overlooked benefits of installing a security screen door is that you can enjoy the feeling of having your home open to the fresh air, without compromising on its security. During the warm summer months, you might find yourself using your air-conditioning unit all day long, which results in an unpleasantly expensive electricity bill. Of course, the other option is to have your front door standing open, which can leave you exposed to intruders or burglars. Keeping your door open 24/7 may attract prowlers scoping out your neighbourhood, and you may fall victim to a thief – even if you’re at home when they strike! Unfortunately, households are still at risk of being robbed even if you’re at home, with burglars often targeting homes in the early hours when inhabitants are asleep or acting opportunistically while the resident is in their backyard or even in the shower.

PerfGuard security doors are made from a 1.6mm thick corrosion-resistant perforated aluminium mesh. As well as offering a less obstructed view, another benefit is that if you have a decorative front door that you don’t want entirely hidden by a security screen door, this perforation design will still allow it to be visible.

Pest Control

There’s one significant and constant nuisance at home in the summertime. Actually, two. Flies and mosquitos. These buzzy nuisances start to emerge in September and unfortunately often hang around all summer long. If you want to keep your front doors open for sunlight and fresh air but don’t want to be constantly swatting away bugs, a flyscreen door may be the best option for you.

Jim’s Security Doors offers Lightweight Flyscreen doors that are a great option to keep your home insect-free. This flyscreen is typically a lightweight mesh option and while it’s effective at stopping mosquitoes and flies, it won’t act as a security door against burglars. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for a security door that will protect your home from flies and burglars, it might be worth considering the classic Diamond Grille Security Door which can be fitted with pet mesh (designed to hold up against paws and claws).


While the summer season lends itself to your household spending more time outdoors, it’s important to still be able to retain your privacy at home. And to be able to feel comfortable lounging around in your swimmers or letting your kids run around in their underwear on a hot day. If you have installed a security door you can enjoy more privacy and protection than with a standard fly screen door.

Burglars are known to often ‘window shop’ a house before they break in by walking past and figuring out the floor plan, as well as any entry and exit points and where easily grabbable valuables might be located. Privacy/one-way security mesh can be a great solution to preventing people to see into your home, while still allowing you to be able to see out.

Bushfire protection

If you live in a bushfire-prone area, you may need to consider installing a security door that is able to offer you protection against the threat of bushfires. ScreenGuard security screens have a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) 40 rating and are able to protect your home against floating embers and extremely high radiant heat temperatures. If your home is located in a rural area, surrounded by bushland or grassland, a bushfire may be a serious concern, so you may wish to consider getting Fire Access Screens installed on your windows. Fire Access Screens are designed with a simple, quick-latching system that will allow you to open the screen from inside the home quickly in emergency circumstances. The hinges of the screen are designed to swing and stay open so you and your household can escape in case of an emergency situation.

Window screens

While a security door is crucial for home protection, it’s also important not to overlook your windows. Most of the benefits available for security doors, such as having fresh air and ventilation while keeping your home secure from thieves and keeping insects out, are also relevant and appreciated when it comes to window screens.

Depending on what level of security you want for your windows, you can install heavy security mesh, privacy/one-way mesh to stop the prying eyes of passers-by, or flyscreen mesh to simply stop annoying bugs from getting in. You can choose to complement your home aesthetic by getting a window screen that matches your security screen door.

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