Security Door And Screen Door Differences

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We are often asked if they are the same. They are not. Here are some guidelines to tell them apart.

What is a Security Door? 

A security door is a door with added strength. To be classified as a such it must pass Australian Standards AS5039 and AS5041 which apply the following tests:

  1. Dynamic Impact test
  2. Jemmy & Pull Test
  3. Knife Shear test
  4. Probe test
  5. Jemmy test

All of these test whether the doors and windows are strong enough to withstand most attempts at forced entry.  Doors tested to the above standards always use a three-point locking system – also known as a “triple lock”, please ask our representatives if a triple lock is required to meet your needs. For more information, you can call us for security doors Melbourne team and ask about it.

Security Doors and Windows must also be installed properly 

AS5040 is the standard that governs installation, which must be done properly to provide good security.

What is a Screen Door?

A screen door can be a standard door frame with no added strength. It comes with many choices of screen mesh. One of the most popular is the lightweight fly screen mesh. It does not resist much force but looks good and keeps insects out. Options include fiberglass and a heavier pet mesh.

Screen Doors can also be Security Doors 

There are options if you want a screen door that also acts as a security door:

Perfguard Security door comes with perforated aluminum mesh.

It uses 1.6mm thick corrosion-resistant aluminum mesh and complies with Australian Standards. It looks good and suits residential and commercial properties with no compromise on security.

Heavy DVA Mesh is an aluminum mesh system.

This provides security and limits the degree of visibility from people from outside looking into your house. It has also been tested and meets Australian Standards AS5039 and AS5041.

ScreenGuard Security screens and doors.

These are made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless steel mesh that provides strength, corrosion protection and quality. ScreenGuard’s aluminium frames use high quality extruded aluminium that requires state-of-the-art equipment. The ScreenGuard security system meets and exceeds Australian Standard AS5039.

Should I install a security door or a screen door on my property?

There is no simple answer to this question since there are multiple options and it depends on exactly what you want to achieve. The way it is installed can also make a difference. A problem we often come across is a client buying a door and asking us to fit it, which may achieve none of their aims. It is advisable to get expert advice before paying any money.

How can Jim’s Security Doors help you?

We provide a free consultation to our customers. We find out what you want, and then suggest a solution that meets your needs. You are not obliged to use our services.

Another issue is that each doorway is different. We custom-make our doors to the exact size you need.

We carry samples to show you what our products look like and how they feel, the level of security each option provides, and how much they cost.

All our products are Australian-made, to Australian standards, installed by local, self-employed tradesmen who take pride in their work. By using Jim’s Security Doors you are supporting Australian businesses and being assured of Australian quality.

Seven-year warranty, backed by Jim’s Group

We offer a seven-year warranty on product and workmanship, backed by Jim’s Group itself. Our installers are responsible for their own work. But even if this fails, Jim’s Group maintains a substantial warranty fund to cover any issues.  Jim himself maintains an active interest in customer service, intervening personally were necessary to make sure problems are fixed. With a proud, 30 year history and more than 4,000 Franchisees, Jim’s is the most trusted name in customer service.

So, give us a call on 131 546, and let’s get started.



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