Burglar Proof Your Home!

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There is so much more to home security than locking doors and windows. Sadly, many Australians appear to still be making classic home security mistakes that leave their homes vulnerable to burglary.

Are you going on holiday this summer? Burglar proof your home first! Are you getting ready to take a summer holiday?

With schools closing for the year and workplaces wrapping up business, many families are looking forward to getting away.

But before you throw the bags in the car and head to the beach, have you thought about how safe your home is while you’re away?

Put your valuables out of view

Burglary is most commonly a crime of opportunity – if a burglar sees easily grab-able valuables through your windows, they will be more likely to try and find a way in.

While you are away on holiday, keep valuables such as jewellery, devices and brand-new Christmas presents out of sight through glass doors and windows.

Also, if you are leaving a car at home, hide your car keys!

Install security screens

Windows and doors are naturally the weakest points in your home as they are designed to be opened.

Ordinary front and back doors can be easily jemmied from their frames with the right tools (which most burglars have), and any window can be smashed through.

Without security screens guarding them, your windows and doors are easy for a burglar to breakthrough.

To give your home the best protection possible while on holiday this summer, think about installing security screens for your windows and doors.

Any screen that can legally be called ‘security-grade’ will have passed the thorough Australian Standards testing to ensure it will be able to withstand a forced entry attempt.

There is no better way to protect your home and its contents from forced entry than installing security screens.

Appear to be at home

Although a burglary can happen while you are in the house, burglars generally prefer not to be seen.

Unless a burglar has specifically targeted your home to rob, they will likely move on if they can see evidence of movement inside the house.

So how can you fake this while you’re not at home and deter burglars from breaking into your property?

Install timer or sensor lights throughout the house!

You can program these lights to turn on and off at different times of the day to look from the outside as if someone is at home.

Alternatively, you could install a smart home system where you can control such devices as lights, TVs and radios from wherever you are, making it appear as if you are at home.

Install a smart home security system

If you don’t have a smart home security system, this might be the year you consider calling a professional security installer to come out to your home, such as Jim’s Security.

You can choose from a range of:

  • CCTV cameras;
  • Security cameras and alarms; or
  • Smart security devices.

Depending on what security measures you choose, you can link these devices to your phone or tablet so you can keep an eye on your home from almost anywhere in the world.

And don’t forget – burglars know all about home security systems and know that they’re there will deter burglars, so if you have this type of smart technology installed in your home, let them know!

Put up a sign in your window letting everyone who comes to your door know that you have security devices installed to scare off any potential thieves.

Don’t post your holiday snaps on social media

It’s best not to let the world know you’re away from home while you’re still on vacation because burglars are often paying more attention to social media.

After all, you don’t know who knows where you live, so don’t give burglars a reason to break in.

Because empty homes provide a perfect opportunity for break-ins, it’s best to keep your security in mind before hitting the ‘post’ button on a vacation status update.

Save posting these pictures for when you get home.

Get your neighbours involved

Neighbours are a great security measure – the nosier, the better!

If you don’t already have a good relationship with your neighbours, this summer might be a good time to go and make friends.

Neighbours can keep an eye on your house while you are away and look out for any suspicious activity.

You might even ask them to keep up appearances for you while you’re away by taking in your mail, watering your plants or parking their car in your driveway.

Keep your lawn maintained

An overgrown lawn is a sure sign to a burglar that nobody is home to maintain it.

If you plan on being away for an extended holiday this summer, get in touch with your local lawn care service to come and regularly mow your lawn.

Not only will you be happy to come home to a neat yard, but your overgrown lawn won’t signal to robbers that the house is empty.

Install a motion sensor light

Installing motion sensor lights over your front and back doors is a simple, cost-effective way to burglar-proof your home this summer.

For burglars who work at night, dark spaces are the perfect place to hide and plan their way in.

By installing a motion sensor light over your front and back doors before you go on holiday, you will be able to deter any burglar hoping to sneak in unnoticed.

House keys

Don’t hide the keys outside!

No matter where you hide your keys, a burglar has seen it all before.

Trick rocks and under pot plants are such obvious places that you’re almost giving away your possessions!

Burglars will often search for a hidden key before they attempt to find another way into your home, as it is the least attention-catching way of gaining entry.

Instead, provide a spare key to any trusted family or friends who live nearby.

Although you might be keen to get away, taking the time to protect your home and possessions is vital if you don’t want to come home to a disaster.

If you’re looking to enhance your home protection while on holiday this summer and would like a quote on any of the services listed above, contact Jim’s Group today on 13 15 46.

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