Why Security Screens Are Better Than Security Alarms

Why Security Screens Are Better Than Security Alarms

Security screens and security alarms are both effective at deterring thieves, but which one is best for your home protection needs? If you’re considering improving your home security, it’s worth taking the time to assess what features are most effective at deterring or stopping thieves from accessing your home.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported that, on average, one Australian home is robbed every three minutes. In most cases, it only takes a burglar only five minutes to gain entry to the home and only another two or three minutes to grab valuables and leave. When homeowners are concerned about the safety of their home and possessions, they typically consider installing either security doors and windows or a security alarm system.


How do security doors and security alarms work?

A security alarm system generally works by identifying a break-in when a burglar triggers an alarm. Security alarms can be configured to send a signal to the security company that installed it, who will then place a call to your home to confirm that there is a real threat. If they cannot get in touch with you, or if they are unsatisfied with the response they receive, they will then contact the police. Security alarm systems are only effective if they are set up correctly and switched on all the time.

On the other hand, a security screen door or window is a physical barrier against break-ins, one that you don’t have to remember to set up or switch on for it to be able to work. It is effective at protecting your home all the time, whether you remember that it’s there or not.


Breaking and entering

Most criminals that intend to break into your home will try the front door first, usually knocking first to see if anyone is home. If they are satisfied that the house is empty, they’ll proceed with the break-in attempt, usually attempting to force entry through a door.

Although accessing a property by breaking a window is a popular move in films, most thieves won’t attempt this for two reasons:

  • The sound of breaking glass is more likely to attract attention than the single thud of breaking in a front door; and
  • Broken glass is dangerous, and not only could they get injured, but they could leave blood behind as DNA evidence, making it easy to identify them.


Alarmed by an alarm

Interestingly, fewer criminals than you might think are genuinely deterred by alarm systems.

The most significant failure point in a home security system seems to be how and whether the system is actually used in real life. Ideally, the alarm system would always be armed, whether or not the house is occupied. As we know, home invasions can happen even while you are at home. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t use their security alarms properly and burglars know this.

The fact is that many homeowners don’t want to risk setting off the alarm while they’re home by forgetting to switch off alarmed zones of the house, so they leave it switched off. In other cases, the alarm system installed doesn’t allow for zoning, meaning either your whole home is armed, or none of it is. Even at night, when people frequently wander to the bathroom or kitchen, the risk of setting off the alarm is a deterrent from using it properly in the first place. And how effective can an alarm system be if it’s not armed at all times?


Something to consider

A security screen door is a physical barrier that blocks criminals from gaining access to your home. You don’t need to worry about determining whether a particular security door can protect you, your home and your family. The Australian Standards for security doors have strict requirements for security products that are assessed under Australian Standards 5039 (manufacturing), 5040 (installation), and 5041 (testing methods). This means that a door can only legally be called a security door if tested to withstand impact, leverage, cutting and shearing. All you need to do is check that the door you are considering purchasing meets the standards. All Jim’s Security Doors’ products are compliant with Australian Standards guidelines.

On the other hand, a security alarm system is not a physical barrier. While the alarm can be set up to lead to the police arriving at your door without your needing to do a thing, the alert system (from notifying the security company to them calling your home to them then contacting the police) could take up to 10 minutes or more. The alarm has worked, but it has also given the robber a considerable amount of time to access your home, get what they came for and get out again.


Most effective home security

The best home security device is one you don’t have to think about. It’s constantly working for you, whether you’re at home or not, whether you remember to arm it or not.


Benefits of a security door

Security screen doors are one of the most cost-effective safety investments you can make. Because it involves a physical barrier between your home and the intruder, it can keep even the most determined thieves out. Security screens can be added to all doors and windows, preventing criminals from sneaking in the back door. These screens are made from rigid, high-quality materials to create a reliable layer of protection. Security screens are also beneficial for keeping pests out of the home, not just for safety considerations. They make it easy to keep the house open for fresh air during warm weather without compromising your security.


Disadvantages of a security door

The best security door in the world will only work as long as a professional security installer appropriately installs it. Furthermore, even if the door is of good quality, it won’t work if it is attached to a rotting or defunct frame. If you’re investing in a high-quality, durable security screen, you want to attach it to solid wood or steel.


Where to buy Melbourne’s best security doors and security screens

Every Australian should feel protected in their home, so it’s important to ensure that your home is adequately protected. Jim’s Security Doors offers a huge range of high-quality security doors and screens that can be custom-made for your home. Gone are the days when security door designs were limited to steel bars and limited colour options. Today, security doors are available in a range of colours and aesthetics to suit every home. All Jim’s Security Doors’ products are 100% Australian made and are manufactured by trained and skilled tradespeople.


With burglary rates rising across Australia, the best way to protect your home is with a visible security feature like a security door. Regardless of your budget or style, you need to choose a door that meets the Australian Standards testing and is professionally installed by a company that provides a free measure-and-quote with an extended warranty period. Jim’s Security Doors products have all been tested in accordance with Australian Standards regulations. Get in touch with our friendly and experienced sales team on 13 15 46 for expert advice on which security door will best suit your property and needs.

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