How can I make my front door more secure?

How can I can I make my front door more secure in New South Wales

A good door could mean all the difference between a safe home and a dangerous situation. When considering the safety of your home, consider the types of entry points you have, how often people enter your home, and where they go once inside. New South Wales recorded having the highest burglary rate in all of Australia. This is due to the high population density in the state. The higher the population density means there are more people living close together and hence more opportunities for crime to occur.

The burglary rate in NSW has been steadily increasing over the last decade, with a total of 24,000 burglaries reported in 2016-2017 alone. One quick easy way to secure your home from intruders is to have strong entrance doors. Nowadays, there are many different styles and features that doors come in. If you decide to install a door, you need to know which type is best for you. Whether you want a hinged door or a sliding door, a custom door, or a traditional door. There are also many safety features you can add for extra safety.

Tips to secure your front door

1. Use deadbolts

Deadbolts are a great way to keep unwanted visitors out of your home. Deadbolts are installed just below the surface of the door frame and require a key to open them. They are the best option if you want to prevent people from entering your home without a key. If someone does manage to get inside, they cannot easily remove the lock. Deadbolts work well in homes where there is little foot traffic. However, they are not recommended in homes with children or pets.

2. Install a security chain

A security chain is a good option if you have small kids or pets who may accidentally trip over the deadbolt. Security chains are attached via a padlock and can be locked at any point along its length. You can use a standard padlock or a special locking device that works with a keyless entry system. A security chain should always be placed on the outside of the door.

3. Keep your windows and doors closed

If you live somewhere where burglaries are common, it’s a good idea to keep your windows and doors closed. Make sure that your locks are strong enough to hold off intruders and that you have a working alarm system.

How can I can I make my front door more secure in Sydney NSW


4. Have a safe place for valuables

In addition to keeping your windows and doors closed, you should also store valuable items out of sight. Having a safe place for things like jewellery, credit card, wallets, car keys, and cash is extremely useful. They help keep your house free of clutter and make it easier to find these items when you need them.


Types of Doors

1. Traditional Door

A traditional door is a solid, wooden door that opens outward. These doors are great for keeping out intruders since they don’t allow anyone to get past them without being noticed. However, these doors aren’t ideal for homes with small children, pets, or elderly family members. Because they open outward, they make it easier for someone to kick them in, and they’re not very durable.

2. Sliding Door

Sliding doors are similar to traditional doors, except that they slide inward instead of opening outward. While they provide some protection against intruders, they still leave a lot to be desired. Since they don’t lock, they may not be enough to keep intruders out. Plus, they tend to be expensive, especially if you plan on having them installed throughout your house.

3. Security Doors

Security doors are a combination of both traditional and sliding doors. They combine the features of a traditional door with those of a sliding door, making them perfect for any home. They offer the same level of protection as sliding doors while providing a locking feature that makes them much safer.

Are glass doors secure?

If you’re concerned about protecting yourself from intruders, then you might want to think twice before adding glass doors to your home. They are great for giving you a clear view of who’s coming and going. However, glass doors can be costly, easy to break, and difficult to maintain. Another thing to keep in mind is that glass doors provide a clear view into your home, which means that intruders can easily see what’s inside.

Are Security Doors Secure?

Security doors are made of heavy-duty materials like aluminium and steel so they can’t be pried open with a crowbar. They’re also built to protect you and your family. They can be installed in front of your home or office, and a good security screen door will be able to stand up to the test of time.

The locks on these doors are usually made of a stronger, heavy-duty material that prevents an intruder from breaking them. Doors that aren’t made for security can’t last long against brute strength, and neither can their locks.

To protect your home or business, consider installing a security door. It will help prevent unwanted visitors and provide extra protection for your family.

How do I choose a security door?

When choosing a door, consider the size and layout of your home. Do you have windows that face outside? Are you located near busy streets or high traffic areas? Is there a lot of foot traffic around your home? All these things factor into determining what type of door is right for you.

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