Why Do You Need Security Mesh Screen on Your Upstairs Windows?

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Each year Australian kids are seriously injured by falls in their own homes. According to a study by Kidsafe NSW, one Australian child falls from a balcony or house window every week across our nation. Sadly, these devastating accidents are often preventable with simple modifications to existing home features. Studies show that even a gap of 12.5cm in a window can be dangerous for small children and can be enough space for a child to squeeze through. Security mesh screens are a simple, effective and cost-efficient solution to improving the safety of your home for children, as well as protecting your home against intruders.


Why You Need Security Mesh Screen on Your Upstairs Windows

Following these statistics, the Building Code of Australia now requires that upper-level windows with a fall of two metres or more must have adequate protection in place to reduce the risk of falling. Options for securing windows include widow restrictors, which stop windows from being opened further than a tiny 125mm; or security screens. Security screens allow you to still open windows fully and enjoy fresh air through your home, while still complying with regulations and ensuring your home is a safe place for children. Security screens are also a better option than restrictors from a home protection point of view as they will prevent burglars from gaining access to your home through force.

Many people believe that the flywire screen is close enough to the security screen mesh and therefore strong enough, but this isn’t the case. Flyscreens and security mesh is made from different materials. The flyscreen is designed simply to protect your home from insects, so it isn’t particularly strong or durable and will warp or tear with heavy usage, or simply over time. Flyscreen mesh is usually constructed from fibreglass, nylon or PVC-coated polyester.

What is security mesh made from?

Security screen mesh is designed to keep out human intruders armed with tools, so it is constructed to put up with a lot more force than simple fly wire, which is only designed to keep insects out of your home. All of Jim’s Security Doors’ security mesh is compliant with Australian Standards guidelines and has been rigorously tested to ensure that it will stand up to considerable force and pressure. Security mesh is of a much superior quality than fly wire and is usually constructed from stainless steel or aluminium.

How do I install security mesh?

Jim’s Security Doors offers a free measure-and-quote service. Contact our sales team on 13 15 46 for expert advice on which security mesh is best for your property or to arrange for a licensed installer to visit your home to measure your windows and arrange for custom security screens to be manufactured and installed.

Will security mesh last longer than traditional fly wire?

Yes, definitely.

Security screen mesh is designed with durability and strength in mind. Security mesh will have far greater longevity than traditional fly wire and is created to withstand tough conditions. Fly screens often warp or tear over time and can fade with sun exposure.

Is security mesh more expensive than fly screen mesh?

Due to the cheap nature and lower quality of the materials used to make traditional fly screens it tends to be significantly cheaper than security screens. However, it must be taken into consideration that the flyscreen will need to be regularly replaced as it isn’t designed to last to the same extent as the security mesh. It is also important to take into account that traditional fly screen doesn’t have the same safety features as security mesh.

Does your home have safety features to protect children from falls?

Each year around 30,000 Australian children are treated at hospitals as a result of falls at home. According to a government study, falls accounted for nearly half of hospitalised injury cases in Australian children and were the most common reason for injury hospitalisation of children. Around 8% of these accidents are caused by falls from balconies or windows. With people increasingly living in multi-storey homes and apartment blocks, it is now more crucial than ever that parents are vigilant about ensuring their home is safe and that their children are not at risk of a serious fall. Security screens are a simple and effective option to ensure your windows are secure and safe for children to be around.

What are the building requirements for upstairs windows?

In 2013 the National Construction Code was updated with new building requirements regarding child safety, specifically windows in bedrooms and childcare centres. The updated code now states that where the fall height from floor to ground is two metres or more the window needs to be secured with a device to prevent the window from opening further than 125mm. The alternative to this is to fit a security screen that is able to withstand 25kg of pressure. This allows the window to be fully opened whilst still ensure it is safe for children.

What if I am renting?

If you live in a rented home, you will need to obtain consent from your landlord before making any modifications or adding any fixtures to your windows. By law, landlords are not able to unreasonably refuse your application to make small changes to your home, including fitting window safety devices, so you should be able to make the necessary changes to ensure your home is safe for children, as well as being secured against a break-in.

Which security screens or window grilles should I consider for my home?

Jim’s Security Doors offers many options for security window screens and grilles and it is even possible to fit cast aluminium window frames that will match the style of existing doors and windows or match the style and design of your home. For classic-look window security, we offer the diamond grilles design, or for a more modern minimalist look, we provide 316 stainless-steel mesh, perforated aluminium, heavy privacy mesh, or lighter one-way/DVA mesh.

All window fittings are custom designed in our Melbourne factory to your specifications and can be fitted by our professional installers for a seamless, high-quality look. All security screens have been tested to ensure durability and strength.

What else can I do to protect my children from falls at home?

Unfortunately, your home can never be made to be 100% child-proof, but you can significantly reduce the risk of injuries by making small changes such as ensuring the security of your windows.

  • Never open windows above the ground floor of your home further than 12.5cm, unless fitted with a security screen.
  • Keep any furniture, including beds, away from windows to ensure that children can’t use them to reach windows.
  • Never rely on fly screens to make a window safe for children.
  • Teach your children to be careful around windows.
  • Always supervise young children.

For more information about Jim’s Security Doors or for expert advice on the right security door for your property, please contact our experienced sales team on 13 15 46.. Or for expert advice on installing security mesh on windows at your property, please contact our experienced sales team on 13 15 46.

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