What is the Best Security Door for a Coastal Home?

What is the Best Security Door for a Coastal Home?

Coastal homes are just as susceptible as suburban homes to break-ins, robbery, and intruders. It is essential for every Australian to feel safe in their home, meaning every home should have some form of security to protect its inhabitants. But when choosing a security door for your coastal home e.g in Northern Beaches in Sydney, you have another outside force to contend with – corrosion! So, what’s the best security door to withstand corrosive elements?

The salty sea air can wreak havoc on your garden, car, and unfortunately your home. How resistant a product is to corrosion can be a big deciding factor if you live in a coastal area. If you’re in the process of choosing a security door to suit your seaside home, you’ll need to find one that is as resistant as possible to the unfortunate corroding effects of that beautiful ocean just outside your door.

What is the best security door for a coastal home on Northern Beaches?

When choosing security doors or screen doors for your coastal home, you need to select a material that resists corrosion. Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of security doors that are all fabricated in stainless steel and aluminium to resist corrosion, as well as (which is the point!) being a certified security door that has exceeded the Australian Standards for security doors.

ScreenGuard Security Doors

When looking to ward off thieves and other home invaders, look no further than a ScreenGuard Security Door for your coastal home. These doors are corrosion resistant to hold up against the salty sea air, built with premium aluminium and 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh.

PerfGuard Security Doors

The PerfGuard Security Door makes home security visually appealing. PerfGuard technology is not only corrosion resistant and built with premium materials but offers a less obstructed view so you can still show off your feature front door.

Diamond Grille Security Doors

The classic Diamond Grille is still a classic! These budget-friendly doors resist rust and corrosion and are customisable to either be hinges or sliding. Better still, you can choose your mesh! To best suit your coastal home, you can select from the following corrosion-resistant mesh options:

  • Standard flyscreen mesh – your Diamond Grille security door already offers the protection of a barrier door, so applying a simple flyscreen mesh behind it keeps your home safe from criminals and from bugs too!
  • One-way or privacy mesh – offering restricted vision from the outside while still allowing sunlight, sea breezes, and unobstructed ocean views.
  • Pet mesh – the best option for cat and dog owners. Pet mesh offers all the protection of intruder deterrents, plus the bonus of being highly resistant to pet damage. No claws, teeth, or eager paws can tear through this mesh!

Best Security Door for a Coastal Home in Northern Beaches Sydney?

Fire Access Screen

If your coastal home is also in a bushfire prone area, installing fire access screens makes sense. A Fire Access Screen is specifically designed to allow a quick escape in the event of a fire or another emergency. The system has a quick-release latching system that allows for a quick getaway. This screen has undergone stringent bushfire testing, exceeds all Australian standards for security doors, and is resistant to corrosion.

Practical security door designs for coastal homes

With so many factors to consider when purchasing security screen doors for your coastal homes in Northern Beaches, it can get confusing knowing which to choose. Coastal inhabitants need to consider the salty sea air, the heat, sunlight, and inclement weather conditions. It’s vital to purchase a security door that will stand up to whatever test your coastal location can offer, ensuring your home is always protected against robbery, insects, and home invasion. For expert advice on security doors, to suit your home and budget, get in touch with Jim’s Security Doors in New South Wales on 13 15 46.

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