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Doreen is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, which is just 28 km away from Melbourne CBD with a population about 28,000 residents.

However, the burglary rate of this suburb has been increasing through time.  With just less than 100 burglary cases in 2017 and less than 200 in 2019, a record high of 343 homes has been recorded with burglary cases last 2020. If you compare it with council average of 284 cases and 148 Victorian cases, this number of cases in Doreen last 2020 is still alarming.

Doreen burglary statistics
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How to Protect Your Homes from Burglars

Government and the police are doing their best to minimize or even eliminate threats such as burglary but sometimes you can’t really just depend on them. You have to be ready and secure your home!

One way of protecting your homes in Doreen is by installing security doors, screens doors, entry gates and window screens. This way burglars will hesitate to invade your house and give you peace of mind even if you are away from home. 

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Doreen is a great place to live but you have to make sure your family is safe whatever circumstances, may it be from burglars, extreme weather conditions or even from insects. This time, hire the best and experts in Doreen for all your security doors, screen doors, entry gates and window screen needs. Call Jim’s Security Doors at 131 456 or get a FREE QUOTE below!

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