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Clyde is one of the suburbs of Melbourne and just 48km away from CBD. It is considered as a great place for young couples with kids who can’t afford to buy in Berwick and don’t want to live in Cranbourne or as far out as Pakenham. Also, you are close to the many establishments and top primary and secondary schools in Berwick.

To Add, it is located near some popular most visited beaches in Melbourne. 

But some things are not good if you are living near the shoreline such as extreme weather conditions and sea air corrosion. The combination of sun and sea air can corrode houses and buildings especially the doors, windows, entry gates and other external properties expose to air.

Clyde, VIC
ScreenGuard Marine Grade

Marine Grade Security Doors and Window Screens

With houses and buildings in Clyde, Victoria exposed with a lot of sea air and sunlight, they should equipped the exposed elements with Products that has Marine Grade Quality.

Marine Grade products has the ability to withstand elements associated with marine environments and corrosive effects such as water, strong winds, rough contact and saltwater corrosion.

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