Is Your Home Burglar Proof in Sydney?

Is Your Home Burglar Proof in Sydney?

Do you worry about how your home would hold up against an attempted break-in in Sydney? Have you considered just how safe your home really is? Here are some tips for how to burglar-proof your home.

According to a study conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 20% of Australian homes have been broken into. That’s a rate of one burglary every three minutes, a terrifying statistic. Here are some points to consider when evaluating your home protection.

Do you lock your doors and windows?

Do you keep the doors and windows locked all the time? Not just at night, or when you’re out, either. If not, then your home is not burglar-proof. A study done by the Australian Institute of Criminology found that 68% of home intruders entered the house through an unlocked door or window. Even if you have the best, most expensive security doors and windows installed, they’ll only protect your home if used correctly – that is, if you lock them. Every. Single. Time. You also need to lock your security screen doors.

Don’t forget that many burglaries happen while the house is occupied. Maybe while you’re sleeping, but maybe while you’re in your home office working with your headphones on. More often than not, burglary is a crime of opportunity. So, don’t give burglars the opportunity – lock those doors!

When you’re not home, does your house look empty?

While burglary can happen while you’re at home, more often than not, a burglar is looking for an easy time, and that means waiting until the house is empty. When you’re out for the night or away on holidays, burglar-proof your home by making it look occupied. A few ways of making it look like you’re at home are:

  • Install smart lights that you can control from your device;
  • Leave your TV or radio on; and
  • Keep a car parked in the driveway when you go away on holidays – if you don’t have a second car, see if one of your neighbours would mind parking in your driveway while you’re away.

Are your entryways secure?

If your doors and windows are visibly old, damaged, or weak, they can cause your home to become a target for a robbery. One well-placed kick could let a burglar gain entry to your home in seconds. Take the time to study your entry points and assess which ones are letting your home security down, then replace, repair, or reinforce doors and windows that look past their prime.

If you feel your doors and windows need upgrading, your best bet is to install security doors and window screens at your home or business. To be classed as security doors or screens, they will need to have passed the rigorous Australian Standards testing, ensuring they will remain secure against a range of forced entry attempts.

Secure your home in Sydney or Melbourne

What about hi-tech options?

It’s important to start with a strong foundation, so installing a security door and security screens is a really effective and simple way to improve your home protection. If you want to go beyond that and have the budget to do so, you may wish to consider hi-tech options such as:

  • Smart locks – keyless locks that can be opened using your phone, a key card, or a code entered on a keypad. You can even unlock your door remotely!
  • Security cameras – with a range of cameras designed to be used with smart devices, there has never been an easier time to get home security cameras.
  • Entire security systems – you could arm your home with motion sensors, keypad activated entry, CCTV surveillance system that you can access remotely, and professionally monitored alarm systems to give you peace of mind.

Installing Security Doors in Sydney

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