Is A Security Door Worth It?

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The most important factor to consider when buying a security door is your safety and the security of your household and treasured possessions. But if you have decided to purchase a security door what other factors should you take into consideration to ensure that you choose a door that is right for your home?

Burglary rates have been rising in Australia recently and with the economic hardship that is likely to follow the COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s likely that unfortunately we will probably see another jump in burglary rates.

A recent report showed that terrifyingly in 11.8% of burglary cases there was a confrontation between the victim and the intruder.

With so many of us now spending more time at home and working from home this figure is likely to increase.

Now is the time to ensure that your home is not an easy target for an opportunistic thief and that you and your household are protected from a break-in.

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Is it necessary?

Many customers begin investigating the idea of purchasing a security door, while still wondering whether or not it’s really “worth it”. Often, a customer will question whether having a fly screen door is actually adequate protection.

The answer is a resounding “no”.

Flyscreen doors are suitable for keeping flies out and that is it. They will certainly not offer any protection should an intruder wish to break into your home, and because they tend to be manufactured from weaker materials than security doors, they will probably need to be replaced regularly, even with gentle usage.

Here are some reasons why a security door is most certainly “worth it”:

  • According to recent data, Australia has the 7th highest rate of burglary in the world, so if think that living in the lucky country precludes you from.
  • In approximately 30% of break-ins, the intruder enters through the front door. Security doors are an effective visual deterrent because thieves know that it will be far more difficult to gain access to a property through one, as well as a physical deterrent because they have been designed to withstand break-in attempts, even in cases where the perpetrator uses tools.
  • Current statistics indicate that approximately 20% of Australian homes will be burgled at some point, so if you think that “burglary just won’t happen to me,” your chances of being the victim of a robbery at some point are probably much higher than you expect.
  • In approximately 75% of burglaries, the thief or intruder takes less than five minutes to break into the property. A successful burglary relies on the perpetrator being able to commit the crime unseen and unheard, which usually means that it’s important to be quick. To break through a quality security door would take considerable time as well as being a noisy task that most burglars would avoid.
  • Security doors are designed to be durable, so they won’t need to be replaced regularly unlike flywire which is usually made from cheap materials and isn’t designed to last. PerfGuard security doors come with a seven-year warranty, and ScreenGuard security doors come with a 10-year warranty.

Superior quality of security

Look for a door that’s made from aluminium or steel for optimal strength and sturdiness.

Steel is the stronger material of the two, but aluminium is a great affordable alternative that can sometimes offer more flexibility when it comes to design options.

When choosing which security door is right for your home it’s important to choose one that has been manufactures and installed in compliance with Australian Standards guidelines.

All Jim’s Security Doors have met or exceeded Australian Standards requirements for security doors which means that they have passed a series of rigorous tests to ensure strength and durability.

Here are some examples of the break-in methods that they test the security door’s performance against:

  • The Knife Shear Test. This test models how the door would perform against an intruder armed with a knife or similar instrument slashing at the screen to compromise its integrity.
  • The Dynamic Impact Test. This test is designed to simulate an intruder launching a physical attack on the screen of the security door to force it to open.
  • The Jemmy Test. This test simulates an intruder using a screwdriver or similar tool to force the security door’s lock to open.
  • The Salt Spray Test. This test assesses the protective coating and finishes on the security door and tests how the door will perform over time against corrosive elements.
  • The Pull Test. This test is carried out to simulate an intruder attempting to pull the security screen out by force.
  • The Probe Test. This test simulates an intruder trying to force a gap through the security screen in order to put their hand through to unlock the door to gain access to the property.


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Do you have pets?

Don’t forget to consider the furry members of your family if you’re choosing which security door is right for your home.

Traditional flywire will not withstand the heavy paws or persistent scratching of cats and dogs, so it’s worth taking into account the extra strength and durability that security mesh can offer.

Need a pet door installed in your security door?

Speak to the experts at Jim’s Security Doors on 13 15 46 for advice on which product is best for your household needs.

Do you live alone, or do you have older children that are sometimes home alone?

One of the great benefits of having a security door is that it allows you to answer your front door securely, without exposing yourself or a family member to a visitor that might have ill-intentions.

This is important as it has been documented that burglars will often ring a front doorbell or knock on the door prior to a break-in to check if anyone is at home. This means that it’s important knock to ignore a knock. A security door allows you to answer the front door without opening the security door.

This will keep you safe and can be a useful feature if you live alone or have older children you are sometimes alone in your house.

As an additional extra it is possible to install privacy mesh, also known as one-way or DVA mesh. Privacy mesh allows household members to see out at anyone at the door, without allowing a visitor to see into the home. This is a useful additional security measure if you like to leave your front door open and to allow fresh air to ventilate your home without compromising on your home security and allowing a prowler the opportunity of seeing in.

Not just great for security, security doors can boost the kerb appeal of your home too!

Aesthetics are an important factor in choosing home features, and a security door is no different.

Jim’s Security Doors offers and huge range of style and designs, as well as colour customizations to suit any home.

Do you have an older style home?

Jim’s Security Doors has a large range of ornate heritage cast aluminium grilles which provide a more decorative look for your door without compromising on security elements.


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