What Makes My Home More Likely to be Robbed Than My Neighbours’ Home?

how to keep the house safe from burglars

Choosing the right neighbourhood is one of the most essential aspects to take into account when you’re deciding where to live. It is important to know how to keep the house safe from burglars. The area you choose to settle in will likely have many other benefits for you such as being near to work, located in a good school zone, close to public transport, and in a safe, friendly neighbourhood. If you set up a home in an upmarket and notoriously secure area, you may expect that your house is unlikely to ever be broken into.

The thing is, your house could be the future target for a thief, and you might not realize it. You thought your property was secure! Do you know what makes a house desirable or undesirable for burglars? What makes your house seem like a more straightforward opportunity for a break-in than your next-door neighbour’s home? By understanding what the burglars look for when it comes to chasing their next target, you’ll be able to make the security adjustments to stop burglary from happening hopefully.


What makes a house an easy target for burglars?

The recommendations we have compiled are a mixture of advice from home security experts and convicted thieves themselves to suggest what factors make a house an easy bullseye for a break-in. Think about what makes sense for your home and your neighbourhood and consider applying the appropriate defences.

A burglar wants a house that is easy to get in and get out of, undetected. The obvious entry points apply to an unlocked door or window left open. The first security measure that you should take is to instill a rule that you never leave doors or windows ajar when no one is home or watching doors.

A well-covered driveway – through large trees or shrubbery – would also be tempting to a burglar as it offers them cover to walk up to your house. Glass panelled front doors are easy to smash and unlock. A large doggy door can fit a slim human crawling inside. A key left under the doormat practically begs a robber to come inside. An overflowing mailbox lets the robber know you are on holiday and your home is vacant and available to be broken into.

Also, an in-built window air conditioner can be knocked inwards and used as another entry point. Keep your blinds open and your valuables in plain sight. An expensive car in the driveway is seen as a controversial aspect in robbers scoping out your house – some may see it as you have expensive valuables in your home, making them want to rob you. Others may assume since you’re wealthy, you’ll have a flashy security system. If you’re in doubt, put it in your garage.

The list can go on for every specific robber’s personal preference; however, that outlines the main characteristics that make your home an easy target.


how to keep the house safe from burglars - What makes a house an easy target for burglars


How can I make my house more secure?

First and foremost, you must fortify your entrance points – doors and windows. If you have an overflowing mailbox and a robber decides to target your home, it won’t matter if they can’t get past your front door.

Jim’s Security Doors have the best range of security doors available in Melbourne. They offer different models for every price point, and you can add on additional safety measures such as a one-way screen that will stop passers-by from looking into your home. All of Jim’s Security Door exceed the rigorous testing required by Australian Standard Regulations. These include:

  • Knife shear test;
  • Probe test;
  • Pull test;
  • Anti-jemmy test;
  • Dynamic impact test;
  • Salt spray test.

For every door model, they also offer the equivalent in window screens to secure your windows also.

On average, a burglar can break into your house in under five minutes. If your security door delays them for longer than that, chances are they will give up in favour of an easier target.

Once your door and windows are secure, you can then look through your additional measures to not let your house be an easy target. Make sure any shrubbery in your backyard or driveway is below head height and well maintained. Don’t leave a spare key out. Make it a practice to lock your doggy day when you leave for the house. If you’re going on vacation, get a friend to take in your mail daily.

These small practices will stop your house from being noticed by burglars as a potential target, however, a sturdy security door should be enough to deter most of them. Why would they attempt to struggle with your marine-grade stainless-steel mesh ScreenGuard, when there’s a property two street numbers down with a glass front door that’s easy to smash? Keeping your household safe is critical for your health and safety, and peace of mind.

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