How to Choose the best Security Door in Australia

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There are so many security doors on the market in Australia, so deciding which security door manufacturer to choose can be challenging. But it gets more complicated – manufacturers don’t just sell one type of security door. You’ll need to choose between designs, strengths, materials, and colours before settling on the security door that’s right for you.

8 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Best Security Door In Australia 2022

With the rising burglary rates across Melbourne, homeowners are increasingly searching for ways to reinforce their home’s security. As most burglars attempt to enter the home through either the front or back door first, barricading your entrances is your first line of defence and should be taken seriously. What’s the solution? An effective, Australian Standards tested security door that is manufactured and installed by a skilled professional. Here are eight questions you should ask before choosing a security door for your home.

#1 What kind of security door suits my needs?

No two security door models are the same, and this is because not everybody has the same needs. A home with small children or pets may choose a pet mesh screen to protect their home from the outside while also protecting the screen from sharp claws and rambunctious toddlers. But if you live alone with a couple of goldfish, pet mesh isn’t something you need. So, what are your options?

ScreenGuard security doors – made from high-tensile woven marine-grade stainless steel mesh and set in a heavy-duty aluminium frame. To further enhance your security, they are fitted with a triple locking system. ScreenGuard doors are covered by a 10-year product warranty valid from the date of installation.

PerfGuard security doors – a tough, visually appealing door that allows easy visual access without compromising your security. The mesh in PerfGuard security doors is made from 1.6mm thick, corrosion-resistant perforated aluminium sheeting. PerfGuard doors are covered by a seven-year warranty from the date of installation.

One-way or privacy mesh security doors – provides security, allowing you to see out while limiting visibility from the outside. The one-way mesh comes in two thicknesses, so you can choose to have the heavy grade on its own or the light grade with a Diamond Grille or Cast Aluminium frame. The heavy-grade mesh meets Australian Standards (AS5039-2008) for security doors, is resistant to pet damage, and is easy to clean.

Diamond Grille security door – is aesthetically pleasing, can be colour matched to your home, and is still an outstanding solution for home security despite its low price point. The mesh style available for diamond grilles is varied – you can choose from standard flyscreen mesh, pet mesh, perforated aluminium, or privacy/one-way mesh.

Secure entry enclosures – screened, lockable security enclosures that are built into the existing structure of your home’s facade. Thanks to the quality and design of the mesh, secure entry enclosures are visually unobtrusive. You can build a secure entry enclosure to encompass a porch or an outdoor dining area to keep you and your family safe from both bugs and burglars.

Choose a Security Door | How to Choose best Security Door in Australia

#2 Which security door will suit my home?

Home security doesn’t mean detracting from the beauty of your home’s facade. Jim’s  Security Doors Melbourne has various security door options to choose from, so you don’t compromise your home’s aesthetic.

For modern homes, you might choose a sleek, simple looking screen mesh in a colour that blends into your facade.

Whereas if you own a heritage style home, you might consider one of our cast iron grille doors which come in a wide range of styles to suit your needs. These grilles can be finished with a simple fly screen, or you can further enhance their security by backing them with a security mesh.

Don’t let concerns about your home’s appearance, stop you from making your house a safe place to live when there is such an array of styles you can choose from.

#3 Does the door meet the Australian Standards?

Australian Standards are a set of tests a security door must pass to be legally called a ‘security door. The primary standard relating to security doors is AS5039 (Security Screen Door and Security Window Grilles). Doors that meet this standard have passed tests that include a knife shear test, a jemmy test, a dynamic impact test, and a lock and hinge lever test.

To find out if the door you want to buy passes these tests, all you need to do is ask the manufacturer for the certificate of compliance. If they are hesitant to show you this, you may be better off seeking security services elsewhere.

#4 Will the security door be custom made?

A manufacturer that mass produces security doors can’t ensure a custom fit to your home. No door frame is 100% rectangular, meaning one standard-sized door won’t fit every door frame. Customising a security door to your door frame is the only way to ensure it will do its job.

#5 Will my security door be manufactured in Australia?

If a manufacturer is outsourcing labour overseas, you can’t be sure of the quality of the manufacturing process or the materials used. The Australian climate is harsh on infrastructure, including your security door. Australian-made security doors are built for the Australian environment, while many imported doors struggle.

#6 Is the door covered by a warranty?

If a security door manufacturer doesn’t believe in their products enough to cover them with extended warranties, you shouldn’t believe in their ability to protect your household from break-in attempts. A warranty period of more than five years means your door is built to last.

It’s worth noting that a warranty doesn’t mean much unless the manufacturer stands by it. It’s always a good idea to check reviews online to see if other clients had problems claiming a warranty on their security doors.

#7 Is the security door corrosion resistant?

Not only do Jim’s Security Doors use corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum to fabricate security doors, but we also finish each door with a layer of powder-coated paint. Powder coating provides a highly durable, damage-resistant finish, unlike other treatments that can easily crack, peel, chip, and scratch. Powder-coated steel frames are more durable and are better equipped to withstand environmental factors such as hail, flying debris, and humidity.

#8 Is the installer insured?

It is reasonable to expect that anyone coming to your home to install security doors would have public liability insurance – it just makes sense.

Suppose the company you choose does not have public liability insurance, and they cause damage to your property or injure someone while doing their job. In that case, you might have a hard time dealing with the consequences of their negligence as they may not be able to pay in the instance that you need to make a claim against them.

A lack of insurance also indicates a lack of responsibility on their part. If they don’t take steps to protect their employees and clients in the case of an accident, what else are they neglecting to do?

Jim’s Security Doors have a wealth of experience providing customers in Melbourne with high-quality, Australian-made security products. We’re licensed, and insured and have an excellent reputation with our customers.

Jim’s Security Doors offers free measure and quote services on our range of security doors along with our legendary customer service and satisfaction guarantee. Let one of our franchisees come to your home when convenient to you to assess your security door needs. For expert advice on security doors to suit your home and budget, please contact our friendly and experienced sales team on 13 15 46.

Some Important Points to choose the best security door in Australia:

  1. You must need to install security screen doors that will secure your home and your family.
  2. The best advice is to install quality front doors that give good look at your house’s first appearance.
  3. Your home Door entry is a very important part of your house. Choose the best design door entry.
  4. Choose perfect Entrance doors for your house. It will create more attraction for your home.
  5. We know that external doors should be strong with quality material with the best design & look.
  6. Always choose the best quality and very strong Security Gates. But it also should be a good design.
  7. Our recommendation must install Safety Gate which makes you and your family more secure.
  8. If you are designing your house must install Safety Doors for your new house. Which is very important.
  9. You also can buy security doors at Zipay in Australia anywhere. Which is the best option for your budget?
  10. It is very easy to buy a security door. Install the best safety gate for your home.


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