How Can a Security Gate Protect My Property?

How Can a Security Gate Protect My Property?

With burglary rates on the rise across Australia, there’s no time like now to upgrade your home protection with a security gate and fencing system.

So, you’re thinking about installing security gates to protect your home and household but you’re wondering whether it’s a worthwhile investment? There are over 50,000 victims of home break-ins every year across Melbourne, and most of those burglaries are crimes of opportunity, not the result of meticulous planning. While you might not have been a target yet, unfortunately, your day could come soon. So, is there a benefit to installing a security gate? How can a security gate help to protect your property? Let’s find out.

Perceived security

The presence of security gates is an imposing element to overcome for a burglar. It indicates that your property is unlikely to be easy to break into and that there are probably more security features to breach, even if they do get through the gate. Since most burglaries in Melbourne are crimes of opportunity, meaning that the thief is just looking for an easy target, a home that shows off its security features right on the property line will probably scare off anyone who hasn’t explicitly targeted your home. In all likelihood, they’ll move off to find an easier target.

Complete control over who enters your property

Security gates stop people outside your property boundaries. Not only does this keep out obvious prowlers and intruders, but it will also stop anyone casing your home from entering. Not all thieves wear black ski masks and hunt at night. In fact, very few do! Many burglars want to get a closer look at your home’s features and layout before they try to break in, so they will pose as door-to-door salespeople or as someone providing a service (such as someone sent to install free light globes) to gain entry to your property. With a security gate, these people don’t have the easy opportunity to peer in through your windows or come directly to the door. If someone hoping to case your home isn’t able to get a good look at anything worth the effort of breaking in to steal, they’ll most likely move on to an easier option.

A high physical barrier to stop thieves

You have to consider it from their point of view. Yes, the thief. It’s one thing to attempt to slip over the top of a security gate undetected but imagine trying to haul a TV or a bag of expensive homeware back over the gate to escape. The idea of a security gate is that it won’t open for anyone who doesn’t have a key or passcode, depending on what type of gate you have. Thieves faced with the prospect of lifting heavy items over a tall security gate probably just won’t bother.

Protect your children

Parents of young children know that it only takes a moment of distraction to lose sight of them. Your small children could easily chase a ball or animal out onto the road without proper security measures in place. But if you have a security gate installed, you alleviate that worry – if a burglar can’t get through the gate, you can be sure a child can’t! Similarly, the obstacle of a security gate significantly lowers the risk of your child being approached in your yard by an unwelcome stranger.

And for those parents of fur babies, don’t worry! Security gates also reduce the risk of your pets escaping or being accidentally released into the street by delivery people.

Eliminates your need to exit your car

With automatic security gates, you never need to leave your car to get into your property. In areas of high crime, the danger of leaving your car means someone can either jump into your vacated driver’s seat to steal your car, or you afford them the opportunity to attack you while you are distracted by opening the gate. When you have an automatic security gate, all you have to do is press the transmitter or dial the passcode on the keypad from inside your vehicle.

The bonus of installing security gates

The addition of security gates increases your home’s value should you ever choose to sell. Any improvement to your home, whether aesthetic or functional, will increase its value. Buyers know that when they buy a home with a security gate already installed, they are buying a home fitted to protect the inhabitants against intruders, which is then a feature they will not have to go to the effort and expense of installing themselves.

How Can a Security Gate Protect My Property?

Types of Home Security Gates

Depending on your desired aesthetic, budget, and property layout, Jim’s Security Doors has a security gate to suit your needs. Our security gate styles include:

  • Swing Security Gates: These versatile, practical, and low maintenance security gates are a popular choice. Designed as either a single swing, double swing or bifold swing, they can easily be built on uneven ground, are quiet to run, and can easily be transformed to automatically open if you change your mind in the years to come.
  • Sliding Security Gate: A popular choice for modern homes, sliding security gates take up much less room than swinging gates. They can be manufactured in a variety of styles to suit any aesthetic.
  • Automatic Security Gates: Homeowners looking for a no-stress solution should consider installing an automatic gate. Whether sliding or hinged, automatic gates mean homeowners can lock and unlock with the touch of a button and will never again have to leave the car in a rainstorm to get through the gate.

With this variety of functional options, plus the myriad of styles and colours Jim’s can manufacture for you, making your choice can be challenging. That’s why we offer a free measure, quote and consultation to help you make your decision before committing to investing your money.

How much does a security gate cost?

In general, a security fence can cost homeowners in Melbourne anywhere from $100 to $400 per meter of fencing, depending on the materials and decorative elements you choose. There are many variables to the cost of a security gate and fencing system, which is why we highly recommend getting an in-person quote so that any environmental or landscaping factors can be included in the price. You should also be prepared to factor in potential extra costs if you already have fences or hedges in place, if you need council approval or if your property is on a steep slope.

It’s no secret that gates can be the weak link in an otherwise fortified property border security fence. Realistically, gates are built to be opened. The addition of a security gate means you are installing a gate that has been specifically designed and tested to add strength to your security rather than weakening it. A well-designed and installed security gate will give you peace of mind and help you sleep soundly at night knowing your family, home, and belongings are protected against robbery.

Jim’s Security Doors offers free measure and quote services on our range of security gates and fences. Every one of our security gates is designed with security, aesthetics, and convenience in mind. If you would like to explore your options for installing a security gate, call our friendly customer service team on 13 15 46.

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