10 Home Security Tips for Suburban Homes

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If a burglar is looking for a house to break into, they’ll find a way to make it happen. That’s why you need to take steps to ensure your home is not selected as a target for theft by employing these 10 home security tips for suburban homes.

Now that Australia is emerging from lockdown, people are able to spend more of their days away from home. Maybe you can head back to work or are spending more time visiting family and friends. Residential break-ins are one of the most common crimes in Australia. In the last 12 months alone, 4.3% of households have experienced a burglary, and these numbers are expected to rise as we all get back into regular routines. So, how can you prevent someone from breaking into your home?

Suburban Homes

Install security doors!

Without a security door, a burglar can, in most cases, pick a lock or break through the door to gain entry to your home. In over 30% of suburban burglaries, the burglar walked in through the front door. In an overwhelming number of cases, the front door was unlocked, giving the burglar an effortless way in. A security door that meets Australian Standards will deter burglars presenting a challenging obstacle as they have been designed to withstand forced entry attempts.

There is another bonus to having a security door installed: it suggests the presence of other security measures. Unless a thief has specifically targeted your home, they’ll be more likely to move on in favour of an easier target.

Install sensor lights

Bright lighting is an excellent way of deterring burglars who work at night. A well-lit front garden deters any burglar looking for dark places to hide.

If you are out for the night, it can help to leave a few interior lights on so that it looks like someone’s home. You should also consider installing sensor lights at your front and back door as they will not only frighten away the robber but also alert you to the fact that someone is walking around outside.

Keep valuable outdoor equipment out of sight

Don’t leave your expensive new lawnmower or barbeque in the front yard, as you will only attract the attention of criminals in your area. Not only are these items easy to throw into the back of a passing van, but they will also assume there are more expensive items inside your home. The same can be said for sporting equipment like bikes and skateboards, as well as leaving fancy shoes on the front porch. Don’t give a burglar a reason to investigate further for more expensive goods; keep your valuables out of sight.

Don’t leave a spare key outside

It doesn’t matter what sneaky location you are hiding your key outside; a burglar already knows to look there. They’ve seen it all. Thieves will often search for a hidden key before attempting to find another way into your home. By hiding a key outside, you are literally providing a burglar with the key to your home. Instead, give a spare key to a trusted neighbour or family member.

Safeguard easy access points

If an entry point into your home looks easy to break into, it probably is. Look out for:

  • Thin windows;
  • Poor quality or rotten window frames;
  • Unsecured garages doors; and
  • Cheap locks on doors and windows.

Luckily, these are things that can be easily fixed. By upgrading your locks, and deadbolts and installing thick windows, you can improve your home security for little cost.

Look through a burglar’s eyes

If you stand on the footpath outside your home and have a look from the street, can you see any blind spots that a burglar could hide behind? Large shrubs and garden ornaments provide a space for a robber to hide from your neighbours while they care for your home. Keep your shrubs trimmed and your front yard clear to eliminate blind spots from the street. If a thief has nowhere to hide, they’ll probably move on.

If a burglar can’t see a good reason to break into your home, they probably won’t. It’s a good idea to keep your blinds closed at night and your valuable belongings out of view from the street.

A solid entrance

Security doors aside, if your front door looks solid and challenging to break through, burglars will be less confident about how quickly they can get through it.

Panels of glass beside or embedded into your front door provide burglars with the most accessible entrance. Remember, all glass can be broken. Check that a thief can’t reach your deadbolts and locks by breaking through the glass pane.

Secure your ladders

If you leave your ladders propped against the house, you are inviting burglars to break in through an upstairs window or skylight. Typically, upstairs windows and exterior doors are less secure than downstairs ones, making them easy to break through once a thief gets up to the second story. Store your ladders away from the house, preferably locked in a shed or chained away from the home.

Consider other points of entry

Even if you have the most efficient security door installed on your front door, a burglar might easily sidestep that entrance for an unsecured garage door. You may be surprised at how often people leave their garage doors unlocked or raised. Even if a burglar can’t access your home from the garage, they might still take items stored in the garage, such as tools, lawnmowers, car parts and bikes.

Befriend the neighbours

If you aren’t yet friendly with your neighbours, you might think about getting to know them a little better. Neighbours are a great security measure – they can:

  • Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour that you might not be able to see;
  • Watch over your property when you go away on holiday;
  • Keep a copy of your spare key;
  • Collect your mail when you are away so that mail doesn’t suspiciously pile up; and
  • Call the police and alert you to the situation if they do notice anything suspicious.

Don’t wait to secure your suburban home – plan for the worst before it’s too late. Experiencing a burglary can be devastating to households; not only is the financial loss calamitous, but you and your family could feel the emotional impact of losing your sense of security in the home for years to come.

The safety and peace of mind of your loved ones are too important to put off. Arming yourself with the proper knowledge, the right tools and a high-quality security screen can help you prevent a home break-in.

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