8 Reasons Why Your Window Screens Might Need Replacing

8 Reasons Why Your Window Screens Might Need Replacing

Security or mesh window screens are often overlooked by Australian homeowners, but their benefits as home security measures are undisputed. After doors, windows are the most common way a burglar will enter your home. 

Replacing your window screens might not be at the top of your to-do list right now, but complacency with home security can have dire consequences. With burglary rates on the rise across Australia, there could be someone in your neighbourhood looking for a home to rob.

Another reason why it is important to replace any faulty window screens is their ability to keep out insect nuisance. As we come into the summer season, we are enjoying more time outdoors and bugs, flies and mosquitoes are beginning to intrude. A damaged or broken window screen will be ineffective in stopping insects from getting into your home.


Why do I need security window screens?

There are many reasons why it’s important to consider installing secure window screens. Fly mesh is great for keeping bugs out, but security mesh offers a longer-lasting, higher-quality and tougher solution. Here are some of the benefits that they can provide to you and your household:

  • Preventing insects such as flies, mosquitoes, spiders and wasps from getting into your home;
  • Protecting your home and household members against burglary;
  • Allowing natural ventilation to circulate in your home while keeping your house secure; and
  • Helping to keep your window panes clean for longer.

If a window screen is damaged or broken, it simply cannot serve its purpose. Like any other household appliance, window screens have a lifespan and will likely need replacement after some time, depending on the quality of a window screen. Fly mesh tends to be made from light, inexpensive materials, so it isn’t a secure option or a durable one. By contrast, security mesh is designed to last, as well as protect your home from burglars.

Here are eight reasons why your faulty mesh window screens might need replacing:


1) They don’t function as adequate protection from a break-in

If your window screen is damaged, weakened in some way or simply manufactured from cheap materials, it isn’t going to be able to protect your home against burglary. If your window screens don’t meet the Australian Standards, they won’t be burglar-proof and might need replacing with an option that will withstand forced entry attempts. If your windows are fitted with a security screen you will have the freedom to leave your windows open to let in the cool night air or enjoy a fresh breeze without compromising your home’s protection.

2) You find plenty of mosquitoes, flies and moths inside your home

If you find that your home is buzzing with flying pests, it could be that your window screens aren’t doing their job. Those pesky flying insects come out of hiding when the weather warms up, seeking food, water and light. It’s a good idea to check your window screens carefully; even the tiniest hole or tear can give insects enough room to get inside and ruin a good night’s sleep.

3) Old age

Your window screens, not you! Aged mesh screens can warp or become brittle and can rust unless they’re made from corrosion-resistant materials. Window screens, unlike people, do not perform better with age. If your window screens are getting on in years, it might be time for an upgrade!

4) Your energy bills are skyrocketing

Window screens act as a shield against the harsh Australian weather. A good quality window screen can provide an extra layer against hot and cold air coming in through the windows. Did you know that up to 87% of a home’s heating energy can be gained and up to 40% lost through your windows?

If you find your energy bill is suddenly higher than normal, it could be because your mesh screens are not up to the task of insulating your windows. In that case, it’s worth calling for a free measure and a quote to replace them.

Incidentally, allowing open windows to circulate cool air through your home in hot months can cut your energy bill as you won’t need to rely on air conditioning nearly as much. The only way you will be able to leave your windows open comfortably is to have a window screen to protect you against insects invading your home.

5) Increase in neighbours’ noise

Quality window screens can also act as a sound barrier, deflecting some noise away from your home. Damaged window screens won’t be able to filter sound as effectively, so it might be worth considering replacing them if you’re interested in reducing exterior noise.

6) Your windows don’t open easily anymore

Issues opening and closing your windows can be due to warped or damaged window screens. A damaged window screen could block or impair the window track. It’s also true that the window itself could be the culprit, but it’s worth checking your window screens before replacing the entire window.

7) You can see signs of damage on the screen

If you can see tears or holes in your window screens, or if they appear brittle or warped, these are telling signs that they need to be replaced. Holes in the screen, tears or the mesh coming away from the frame should be immediate signs for a new window screen.

Damage could have easily been done during installation if the installers were not experienced, professionals. Other times, the damage could have been accidentally caused by pets or small children pushing against the mesh. Be aware that rodents living outside your home can also cause holes in the screens when trying to get inside. In that case, you might need to upgrade to a tougher security mesh to prevent them from getting inside.

If your window screens are of low quality, you may notice the damage happening a lot sooner than you may have expected. Inferior quality materials need to be replaced more often, so it might be worth thinking about whether you are actually saving money in the long term by choosing cheap screens in the short term.

8) You’re thinking of selling your home

Damaged or rusted window screens are not pretty and can significantly detract from the value of your home. You may find that replacing your window screens freshens the outlook of your property, which will make it more marketable. It’s worth consulting with a professional about the possible value new screens could add to your home without overcapitalising repair costs.


If your window screens are in need of replacement, talk to the professionals at Jim’s Security Doors to discuss your options. We offer a free measure and quote service and will happily consult with you to discuss your needs. Do you live in a high crime area? Are you worried about the safety of your family? Are you concerned about the valuables in your home? You might be looking to get the best available mesh screen for your window, something like a PerfGuard or ScreenGuard screen that exceeds the Australian Standards for security screens. Or, perhaps you have cats who like to claw at the screens. In that case, we might recommend Pet Mesh for your windows – a hardy, pet-proof screen to deter even the sharpest of claws. Or you might want a simple flyscreen – still hardy and designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather, though they will not act as a barrier against burglars.


Whatever your needs, Jim’s Security Doors has a window screen for you. If you are considering upgrading your window screens but don’t know where to start, phone 13 15 46 for a free consultation, measure and quote.

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