Security Doors (Medium Security)

If you are wanting to install extra security on your property but don’t need to go all-out, medium security doors may be the choice for you.

While not as robust as their high security counterparts, these security doors still offer plenty of protection where it counts.

Australian-made Security Doors and Security Window Screens

Medium level security doors generally don’t meet the Australian Standard based on the testing requirements detailed in AS5039-2008.

These doors may have large gaps which a knife (or similar) could penetrate.

Although these doors can be quite safe and prevent intrusion, they are generally more decorative, used to keep insects out of the home or as a security method to prevent physical entry.

Diamond Grille or Heritage Grille doors offer good security as well as being budget conscious and matching existing décor such as a country style home.

These doors may be complete with a mesh from a high security door and offer a higher level of security. 

The addition of a triple lock will also enhance the security of the door.

For a medium security door with a mixture of good security and insect exclusion we recommend:

  • Diamond Grille
  • Heritage Grille

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